Date: January 1st 2018

Happy New Year! It's now 2018 and 2017 is behind us. This year marks the 10 year I have been selling prints and my photography services, so I guess it's an anniversary year for myself. This is the eighth year since I started these monthly updates, hope you enjoy reading them and using the images for your computer background.

The first image is from Chicago IL, specifically from the John Hancock building and 360 Chicago - an observation deck on the 94th floor. I was offered a chance to shoot sunrise and sunset a couple of weeks ago, it was an offer I could not refuse - sad to say sunset was cloudy but hopefully you like this sunrise over the city. 360 Chicago is unique since it's a complete floor dedicated to view the city of Chicago with 360 degree view. It also has an attraction called 'Tilt', a glass/metal frame structure that tilts out from the building 1030 feet above the streets of Chicago, I will admit it was more than I expected when I took my turn. I don't know the exact angle when you are fully tilted but it's enough that you have to hold your body from leaning against the glass. There was one adult male who actually stepped off a couple of times as he was not able to deal with the angle - I am sure many people have this problem. If interested in this unique location, visit their website :

Our second image this month is from a few hours ago, this was shot along the Mississippi River during my annual American Bald Eagle photography trip. Every year since 2007 I have been making road trips during the winter to photograph this iconic bird. I try to make a trip the last two days of December or first couple of days in January - today was a successful day for myself and captured some great images. I still recall the first few years, any bald eagle I could see in the camera would have the shutter pushed to capture an image. Now with 1000's of images of bald eagles, I am critical and rarely press the shutter button unless it's a view finder filling opportunity. Today was a very cold day, which is common - that's why the bald eagles migrate to the US from north of the border where it is much colder, with temperatures starting below 0 at sunrise and staying in single digits all day. Windy conditions did not help staying warm but hopefully you enjoy one a result from toda y - my fingers and toes are now back to normal temperature.

Here's a link to download the appropriate version of this month's image for your desktop, one for standard screens and one for wide-screens. Right click on the text for the format you need and select Save As, save to a location on your computer that you can remember and change the background as needed for your OS.

If you have any comments or requests, please let me know.


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